December 31, 2010

2010: Retrospective of a Personal "Reboot"

After a period of deep soul-searching while living in Lloydminster, Alberta in late 2009, I decided to undertake a personal "reboot" in January 2010. This bold choice returned me home to begin a career switch from journalism to the environmental technology sector.

Coming back to the homeland was a wise decision. After being away for over four years, it was wonderful to re-integrate myself with the family. I also had the unique opportunity of spending the summer on Carbonear Island, participating on a pioneering archaeology survey.

My first semester back in college was wildly successful, finishing with a 3.8 GPA. For the first time that I can recall, my math mark(90%) beat out my English mark(85%). I have one more semester of academic refreshment in Carbonear to go, then it's off to Corner Brook to begin a three-year environmental technology program. I face no more second-guessing, and no more mental anguish from uncertainty (fingers crossed, knock on wood). My mind is revving up to meet its untapped full potential.

2011 will see the foundations that were laid this past year being built upon to keep the momentum of success rolling. As I still have much to accomplish, I remain positive, yet cautious.

Wishing you all the best!

Happy New Year!

Ian Hutchings