January 16, 2009

May the strength of three be on your journey

January 16, 2009 marks three years since I flew down from the Northwest Territories on a Northern Air Lease plane and arriving in downtown Lloydminster on a Greyhound in a snowstorm. The passing of time is a flash of memories. Since being introduced to Alberta life by my cousin, I've worked in the city's best liquor store, sweated in a busy kitchen, moved stock around in the dusty bowels of a retail empire, made some stupid and wise decisions, and started a not-yet award winning column series.

What's in store for 2009, b'ys?

We have yet to see how this plays out, but signs are showing that U.S. President-elect Barack Obama may be a Danny Williams-like figure down in the States. His recent speech on the recession was frank and truthful, very much like the one Premier Williams made after he took office in 2003. Thus far, he meets with my approval. I think after he takes office on January 20, he'll be good for the Americans, and the globe in general. In the manner that Williams brought cautious hope with results to Newfoundland, Obama needs to bring hope and results to the world, especially after the incredible mess the Bush Administration are leaving in their wake.

I hate to say it, but Canadian politics and our country in general are also a mess on several fronts. The Three Stooges Coalition a.k.a the NDP and Liberals with Bloc support that was signed in December is in effect, a coup. The concept of democracy has failed, and it seems to me Canada is now in a state of anarchy.

The new Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is a worthy opponent to Harper. This foolishness has at least provided us with some entertainment, but we need strong leadership to deal with the financial crisis. I didn't vote for children to run the country. Ultimately, by Harper's request, the Governor General prorogued Parliament until January 26. Which again, I didn't vote for. Ontario's economic motor, the auto factories, crashed into the ditch several months ago and that province is now a "have-not" province. Meanwhile, the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador and Saskatchewan achieved "have" statuses, making their citizens proud.

I didn't make it back home this Christmas, but was stuffed like a harbour tom cod with a few dear friends, and got lots of loot such as a warm hoodie. God bless your cotton socks.

Have you made any resolutions? I haven't made any "resolutions" except to better myself in general. I'm at a point in my life now where I'm mulling over if I want to stick with this business, or move on and try something new. Every way is likely.

I'm not quite moving on yet, but I close this column with a major announcement: the
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May the face of every good news and the back of every bad news be toward you.

2009... give 'er!