August 24, 2005

Proto-Inkslinger #11: A relaxing journey through Carbonear

Telegram Community Editorial Board
Written from Carbonear, NL
Appeared in the St. John's Telegram on Aug. 24, 2005

A relaxing journey through Carbonear

When you set your first foot on the Carbonear boardwalk, it feels like you are passing through a waterfall. Powell's Brook is surging beneath the bridge on its never-ending journey to the ocean. The roar of the water saturates your ears, like the roar of a crowd cheering you on at the starting line of an important race.

When you reach the crosswalk, look both ways and cross the road to get to the main section of the boardwalk, which is configured in a figure-eight pattern around two ponds. You decide to turn left and your feet thuds as you pass over another bridge, where several kids are trouting. To your left is a large pond called Rossiter's Pond, and there are a few boats bobbing on the surface.

You pass by a couple of fellow walkers. They greet you. You nod and smile. The boardwalk begins a gentle curve to the right and you look down at the still waters of the small nameless pond, which is connected to Carbonear Pond by an aqueduct. You pass by the small Aliant substation and approach another crosswalk. You cross the road, and your feet meets the wooden boardwalk once again. To your left, you see Carbonear Pond and hear the loud obnoxious quacks of ducks and the cries of seagulls. To your right is the old train track. You pass under a large tree. You enter the gazebo and gaze out at the pond. The pond is a virtual mirror, and you see the reflection of the Carbonear College of the North Atlantic campus reflected on it. You leave the gazebo and continue on course.

Up ahead looms the Carbonear Community Centre. The parking lot is devoid of vehicles. You hear the waves of the ocean crashing on the beach. The sounds fade as you make a sharp left turn. You're now on the top curve of the “eight”, beginning your return journey. You cross a small bridge and make a gentle left turn as the Carbonear CNA campus fills your vision. You can see a row of windows and through them, a solid line of lockers. You can also see the red door that leads into the main concourse of the College.

To your left, you can see Carbonear Pond. The ducks and gulls have gone their separate ways, their dispute settled for now. The boardwalk gently curves left and then straight. You pass by a rest stop with benches. You are now at the crossroads of the eight - dead centre.

You soldier on, crossing the road and passing the substation once again to undertake the final leg of the journey. The children who were trouting had moved to another place. One of the bobbing boats had moved across Rossiter's Pond, its relaxed owner looking out at the water. The sun reflects off the water, making it sparkle.

You jump off the boardwalk and approach the crosswalk. You cross and your feet makes a squelching splat as they strike mud. To your left is the ocean, and you have a wonderful view of Carbonear Island and the approaching waves. The sky is a deep blue and you feel excellent.

This particular journey is over, but the pursuit continues. This is my final editorial, and I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. I’ve archived all six editorials on my website - Thank you for reading.